Addon Domains

The Addon Domain Maintenance menu allows you to add and remove addon
domains to your account. An addon domain allows you to reach a subdomain
when entering the name of the addon domain into a browser. his means that you
can host additional domains from your account, if allowed by your hosting
provider. Any current addon domains will be listed under Current Addon
For example, if is an addon domain on, going to in a browser will bring up

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Can Addon Domains have their own IP address?

Addon domains can not be assigned their own dedicated IP address. Dedicated IPs are assigned to the main domain name and all addon, park domain names get that assigned IP.

How to Remove/Delete an Addon Domain

To remove an existing addon domain

  • Click the Remove link corresponding to the addon domain you would like to remove
  • Confirm that you would like to remove the addon domain by clicking Yes.


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