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How to delete fields from database tables using phpMyAdmin:

Step 1: Log in to phpMyAdmin
Make sure you are already logged into phpMyAdmin.

Step 2: Select the Database and Table
In the left-hand window, you'll see a list of databases. Click on the database that contains the table you want to work with. Once you've selected the database, you'll see a list of tables below it. Click on the table from which you want to delete fields.

Step 3: View Table Details
By clicking on the table, the right-hand window will display all the details related to that table. You'll see a chart-form list of all the fields (columns) within the table.

Step 4: Choose the Field to Delete
Scroll through the list of fields and find the specific field you want to delete. In front of the field name, you'll notice a checkbox. Check this box to select the field for deletion.

Step 5: Delete the Field
Below the list of fields, you'll see the "Delete" icon, which is represented by a big red X. Click on this icon.

Step 6: Confirm Deletion
A confirmation screen will appear, asking if you're certain about deleting (or "Dropping") the selected field. Click "Yes" to confirm your action.

Step 7: Verify Deletion
After confirming, the window will refresh, and you will see the updated list of table fields with the selected field removed. A message will also appear to confirm that your action was successful.

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