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How to rename a database table using phpMyAdmin:

Step 1: Access phpMyAdmin
- Log in to your phpMyAdmin account.

Step 2: Select the Database and Table
- On the left side of the main phpMyAdmin screen, you'll see your list of databases.
- Click on the database that contains the table you want to rename.
- Below the database name, you'll see a list of tables within that database. Click on the table you wish to rename.

Step 3: Access Table Details
- The right side of the screen is where you'll perform the renaming action.
- After selecting the table, the right-hand side will display information about the table you've chosen.

Step 4: Open Operations Tab
- At the top of the right-hand screen, find and click on the "Operations" tab. This will open a menu with various actions you can perform on the selected table.

Step 5: Find "Table Options"
- In the "Operations" menu, scroll down to the section titled "Table Options."

Step 6: Enter the New Table Name
- In the "Table Options" section, you'll see a field labeled "Rename table to" with an empty text box next to it.
- Enter the new name you want for your table into this text box.

Step 7: Confirm the Rename
- After entering the new table name, locate and click the "Go" button in the lower-right corner of the screen. This will initiate the renaming process.

Step 8: Confirm the Renaming
- A confirmation window will appear, indicating that the table has been renamed successfully.

Step 9: Verify the Renaming
- To verify the renaming, look at the left-hand panel where your list of tables is displayed.
- You should see the selected table now with its new name.

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